Brands We Recommend
Anymore most air conditioning units contain many of the same parts with some variation.

Bristol, Copeland or Tecunseh for compressors.

Honeywell, White-Rogers, Robertshaw, etc. for relays, contactors, etc.

Mars, Fasco, GE, etc., for motors.

Every manufacturer will have problems now and again with the parts they purchase from 3rd party vendors.

Often, it takes time for the problems to show themselves.

This means it's not the manufacturer's fault but the 3rd party that's supplying the part.

What's important at this point is the effort the unit manufacturer and installer are making to set things right.

We all try to make the best decisions about the equipment and parts we buy but are at the mercy of what's available and how well they construct the components.  As most parts are made in China, Mexico or Indonesia anymore, we are all just rolling the dice until they' are out a while and show their flaws.

That's where we come in.  What's important at this point is how much the shop that
installed your unit works with you to solve the problems that come up.  

If they're in denial that there is a problem, then you as a customer have a problem.

Personally, I tell everyone honestly what they can expect so there is no misunderstanding about the realities of air conditioning today.  Most new units will take a warranty repairs starting in their 3rd or 4th year and there is nothing you an do about it.

And when dealing with issues involving refrigerant, NO manufacturer covers loss of refrigerant in their warranty policies.  For the first year, the installer has to eat the cost of the refrigerant should it be required.

After that, it is at the customers expense.